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Cindy Guffey asked 6 years ago

Hello everyone,


I started my MyFico subscription in Jan or there abouts, I was recieving all the updates on my phone and everything was fine until I logged in to my account sometime in April and noticed that NONE of my scores were displaying. I contacted MyFico to question what was going on and I was told that my Credit Card was denied and that the service was therefore stopped. I then explained that the card was still valid and that was not possible and to re-activate my account, the rep told me that they NOW have a NEW higher price and it would cost more. I told her that I beleive they cancelled my service in order to charge me the new rate, our phone conversation ended at that point.


Yesterday I contacted my bank to see if there were ANY charges in the last 4 months that have been “denied” and the bank informed me that NOT one charge had been denied.


Basically, I feel that this company chose to CANCEL my services as a ploy to increase prices without waiting for current subscribed users to cancel their binding contracts and using the “your card was declined” excuse is a valid way to cancel services without breaking the binding contract. I was using this service to monitor my scores and credit for an upcoming mortgage loan.


If anyone else has had this happen recently I would like to know about it as well.


Thanks and have a blessed day.


My last scores were in the very high 700’s and possibly 800.

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