My relationship with Citi was short lived.

QuestionsMy relationship with Citi was short lived.
asked 2 years ago

Logged into my account today and got a notification that they flagged some potentially unauthorized charges.  I call in and they say they can’t verify me through my cell phone because it’s not in my name.  The account has been in my name only for 16 years.  They want to use the phone number on my account which when they read it back is my old phone number since I moved last Saturday.  I had updated my information in their online system and apparently it changed the mailing address but not the residential address or phone number.  After discussing it with them for 20 minutes I was put on hold, then hung up on.  When I called back in I was told the only way they could verify me was through the mail, I had to send them my driver’s license with current address and a copy of my social security card.  When I told them that my DL didn’t have the correct address since I moved four days ago and there was no way I was mailing them a copy of my SS card they informed me I had failed their security check and would get a letter in the mail.  Looks like my DC will be closed after 40 days.

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