My periodic inspirational message…

QuestionsMy periodic inspirational message…
asked 4 years ago

Started rebuilding September 2015.  Scores then and now below  Hovering right around the 100 point range.  No lates in over two years now.  My old stuff is aging out.  Drastic increase in available credit.  Two new cars this year (not NEW NEW, but new to us).  Life happens, right, so currently sitting with 7 accounts over 30% utilization.  But seeing monthly progress on chipping away, and watching those scores continue to rise. The more you rebuild, the more credit in your portfolio, and the more you can handle having balances out there.  My income’s not a problem, so as long as things are being paid (a) on time and (b) significantly more than minimum, I don’t mind using the credit I’ve built. 


Totally in the garden for new accounts, working on getting that util down so I can grow my existing balances. 


If Amex doesn’t throw me a bone soon on HHonors, I might have to ditch it.  I wanted it for work travel, but I can’t really fit more than 2-3 days of travel on it at a time, so it’s not that useful.


Most important thing is that my wife is on board with the credit management strategy, so she’s looking at those util % every month, and making good strategic decisions.  Creditwise, we’re in the best place we’ve been in 20 years.  A lot of that is thanks to these forums.

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