My first year with Discover – Data Points

QuestionsMy first year with Discover – Data Points
Kristofer Aguilera asked 4 years ago

This all started last year with Synch closing out my Sam’s store card for non-usage (22-23 mo’s no activity) $ 10K limit.


I applied for Discover after getting several mailings with specific rate listed on each one.  


Stats at time of opening:

7/27/15 744 EX pull

8-9 open cards ranging from $ 1500 (old HSBC card/now Cap One) – $ 29000 (JFCU)

couple of mortgages reporting

1 auto loan 


Typical monthly usage anywhere from $ 25 – $ 200 for monthly recurring bills and a couple of bonus usages for specific items like at Lowe’s for 5% back.


TU scores during this period:




7/27/2015Opening Limit$ 4,500 
10/21/2015Auto CLI$ 5,600$ 1,100
10/21/2015Manual CLI (Instant)$ 8,600$ 3,000
11/20/2015Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 12,600$ 4,000
12/14/2015Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
1/12/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
1/21/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 16,600$ 4,000
2/5/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
2/19/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 19,600$ 3,000
3/14/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
3/21/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
4/4/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
4/11/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
4/18/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
4/25/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 22,600$ 3,000
5/9/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
5/16/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
5/23/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
5/30/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 25,600$ 3,000
6/13/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
6/27/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
7/4/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
7/11/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
7/18/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
7/25/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)  
8/1/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 29,600$ 4,000

  (at this point I switched to a more liberal strategy of every other month)


10/1/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 35,600$ 6,000
12/1/2016Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 42,000$ 6,400
2/1/2017Manual CLI (2 Day Message)$ 48,000$ 6,000


 Hopefully Discover will continue to grow over time since this one’s slow but steady like the turtle in the race.  The highest I’ve seen for a CL without additional documentation is $ 50K so, here’s to the 2nd year of growth towards $ 50K! 


I’ve started a new thread to track some of the trends with Discover as more info comes into the forums – unOfficial Discover


Prior to hitting the CLI button on 12/1 I stumbled upon some information regarding the follow up call to 800-347-4856 which goes to their “Lending” aka UW team in SLC UT CC.  Once you hit a certain limit with Discover apparently the hold beyond the 2-day message once approved by an analyst has to be sent to their Supervisor for the override approval.  I’ve been getting more OCD about the $ XX,600 portion of the CL and asked about rounding up.  They said for something additional to the $ 6K increase would require a HP and additional review at that point.  I declined the HP and will just have to live with the 600 on the end.  Setting the clock for 2/1/2017 for the next attempt!


I didn’t get a HP or anything but, when it finally updated from the supv processing they rounded it off to $ 42K instead of that nagging $ 600 on the end!!!!

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