My experience with Quicken Loans (so far)

QuestionsMy experience with Quicken Loans (so far)
Cleveland Griffis asked 5 years ago

After spending a Month with my Mortgage broker and still waiting on an approval, I decided to give another mortgage company a try. Here’s how the process is going so far.


Reached out to Quicken Loans via chat at 7 PM on sept 30th. Loan originator went through the entire process, pulled my credit and started working on initial paperwork right away.


Sept 30th 8PM- Originator ran my credit and the entire file through the Desktop Underwriter to get an approval. After adding some reserves, we received an approval through the program.


OCT 1st- Sent all of the paperwork for me to esign. I had to ink sign few documents. Started the underwriting process the same day. I was still talking to them at 8 PM and the underwriter was still working on my file during the evening hours.


Oct 2nd- I received a fully underwritten approval letter with 3 conditions. Appraisal to be complete, title work, and Home owners insurance policy Bounded. That’s it.


Amazing process so far. Everyone has been extremely helpful. I’ll keep updating my post as the process moves forward.

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