My credit is so bad I fear it can’t be fixed..

QuestionsMy credit is so bad I fear it can’t be fixed..
Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 5 years ago

I’ve just checked my credit score after getting a divorce and I’m at a whopping 465. Down from 547 because my ex-husband did not pay the cars in our name. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with this, or at least point me in the right direction to fix my issues.


1. I have about 11 collections in my name down from 15 collections. They’re all small, around $ 100-400 each, and I’m currently trying to settle them or pay them all off.


2. I have two car leases. One is late by 60 days, another by 30 days. Once I found out from BMW FInancial, I started going crazy trying to find any money to pay them as soon as possible and lock my ex-husband out of the account.


3. I have no credit cards, and I don’t think I want any anytime soon, but I’d like to raise my credit and get these situations fixed as soon as possible. I’d love to get a house in 5-6 years but being 29 with such bad credit I don’t think it’s possible.


I’d be happy to add any further information if people need it, I just need to know where to even start. I make around 50k a year, about 3.7k a month and my bills are 1.5k a month. Every time I get a little bit of money from my checks it seems it disappears to something that pops up randomly on me. I feel like I can’t get my head above water at ALL.

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