my brother was sent to collection.

Questionsmy brother was sent to collection.
asked 4 years ago

hello guys,


yup like the title says.


he was sent to collection for a phone company for a couple hundreds.


my brother called the agency, and tried to negotiate with them. they agreed by phone to remove the account from collection after full payment clear.

I know they are going to play him and not remove the account after the payment, that’s why i told my bro to request written letter where they agree to remove the account from collection, but they refuse to do so.


that is just what i think, i think they are not going to remove it from collection after my brother pays them. I seen it happen before.


If they dont remove it from collection; with a written letter I can easily dispute the account until the Bureau’s eventually delete it.


am i on my best appoach here?

do they have the right to deny me the written letter?

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