My Barclay Rewards MC won’t go away…

QuestionsMy Barclay Rewards MC won’t go away…
asked 4 years ago

Weird story. I called Barclay’s on 12/13 (Day 365 of my account since opening) to close my account. After being queried as to why I was closing my account, I was told they would close it without any problems (or atttempts on their part to keep me as a customer).  


Interestingly, I saw no updates to my CK reports (and they were quick to report when I closed my previous Apple iTunes Rewards Card), so I accessed my account online, and wouldn’t you know it, my card was still listed as active. I sent a SM to verify that my account was closed, and they verified that it was still open! Incidentally, they also stated that sending a secure message is an appropriate way to communicate my request to close the account. Funny, I thought calling would have done the same thing.



So, while some folks have had issues with Barclay’s and AA, I have the opposite luck.  Smiley Frustrated


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