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asked 2 years ago

I have been reading nonstop and I find myself anxiously reading success threads and stories just anticipating when I get there- so I decide to share my own, and ask for advice.


Let’s see, going back to 2004- I had great credit- motorcycle, a house, 2 cars, multiple credit cards then…


 For years I didn’t care about much on my file, foreclosure, repossession(2x), surrender, it was ugly.  I just really didn’t care and my score was down to around a 400.  For the past 2 years I have just been steadily bad- with no real effort to rebuild anything as there was always something popping up from the past.  Well statutes have expired, judgements have been paid and here I am as of


Credit Report as of 2/2017- SCORE- EX610 Fair Issac V2 /EQ603 Beacon 5/TU552 Classic 04


3 Judgements- Paid not removed

9 State Tax Liens due to an old business

Child Support- Ongoing litigation for 6 years now


Jefferson Capital- 484

IC Capital 114

4 Medical- 484

2 Chargeoffs – First Premier Closed account 6/16 After 6 Months of good payment and missed 6/16 payment due to move- when contacted in 7/16 Stated 60 days late, acct closed nothing I could do



Capital One Secured- $ 200.00 SL/ 0 Balance

Total Visa Unsecured- $ 300.00 SL/ 0 Balance

Horizon Card- $ 1000SL/ 0 Balance

Kay Jewelers- $ 4000 Limit- $ 2400 Balance paying down.

Acceptance Now- Paid and closed automatically

Bank of America 2nd Mortage closed 2012- marked paid no lates

Chase Cards and Discover card both reporting open but last report was 2007- was AU and accounts closed

Credit One Bank Opened 1/16  Closed 10/16 Automatically for non use

WF Paid 2014- Car


Fast Forward to 3/2017

Judgements and Tax liens being removed- obtained and submitted satisfactions of liens

3 Medical Collections getting Removed within 48 Hours

Letters written to First Premier- asked for address- waiting

BBB file with Jefferson Capital for zombie debt attempt

BBB file with medical collector for not answering calls, returning calls, or letters

J Crew Unsecured -$ 250.00/0 Balance

Capital One Secured- $ 200.00 SL/ 0 Balance

Total Visa Unsecured- $ 300.00 SL/ 0 Balance

Horizon Card- $ 1000SL/ 0 Balance

Kay Jewelers- $ 4000 Limit- $ 2000 Balance paying down.



  On my credit the only remaining collection is Jefferson Capital which I dispute with BBB, and First Premier which I am awaiting the mail in the letter for DV and the Business Practice closing my account from good standing to nothing and falsely claiming 60 day late in 5/16.  Child support I have court this month and have about 300 cancelled checks to present as proof, so that should be gone too!!!



Shockingly enough I talked to a lender about a mortgage using my VA Loan and they said with half of the liens and collections and judgements my score for mortgage is 608 and I need to be 620.  So I guess thats good, but I know  there are all sorts of different FICO numbers for that stuff.


Going to get CCT later this month- waiting for judgements and liens to all be gone from reports- this mornign EX said 577- so my question… what?

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