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Jude Irving asked 4 years ago

I’m hoping to get a mortgage at some point late spring/early summer as I pay down my last remaining CC debt. My question is how much do INQ effect my chances on getting a home loan?


By the time that I apply I will have 11 INQ on EQ, 8 on EX and 4 on TU.


The reason I’m asking is I keep getting information about 0% interest on balance transfers for a set period of time through a USAA credit card. I’m not sure if I would be approved for the card right now because my current CC utilization is high but I could certainly pay it down faster with a 0% balance transfer. If I were to apply for this card (and either be denied/approved) how much would the INQ cost me in obtaining a mortage since I already have several.


As a side note, all of the INQ would fall off by January 2018 if I didn’t apply for any cards or a mortgage this year. I’ve been in the garden for a year now.

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