Mortgage refinancing 1 year post BK

QuestionsMortgage refinancing 1 year post BK
Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 5 years ago

Posted this in the Bankruptcy forums as well.


I will be looking to do a refinance within a year and wanted some advice to see if it is possible.


  • BK 7 Discharged 4/19 of this year and gave up a property in NJ. (I currently live in TX)
  • My wife did not file for BK as the debt was all mine prior to us getting married.
  • Wife has had the mortgage since 2009 with 0 late/missed payments. I am not on the morgage or the deed of this house. (Yet)
  • Home value is lowballed @ $ 300K with the mortgage payoff @ $ 160K

How likely are we going to be able to refinance at a decent rate for a 15 year fixed? Is it also possible for my wife to apply for the mortgage without me?

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