Mortgage help!!!!

QuestionsMortgage help!!!!
asked 4 years ago

I am purchasing a property from my mother. I have applied for the mortgage ($ 69,600), received the mortgage commitment letter and I am now waiting for underwriting approval. I spoke with my mortgage processor (local credit union) and she says underwriting is trying to figure out my payroll due to various changes that have been made over the past few years. Now, other than a raise and my spuratic commmision payment schedule (my boss never pays on time, sometimes months late) my pay has only gone up year after year. The big problem seems to be that even though I receive a salary plus commission, my employer changes how he enters this info on my paystubs every few weeks. For example, last week my stub shows I worked one hour for 1065.47 and the week before shows 40 hours at $ 21.75 plus 4 hours of overtime at 48.95. Some weeks show my true salary at $ 1250.00. Can I still be denied because my employer is a complete idiot when it comes to payroll?

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