Mortgage App w/cc debt (sigh)

QuestionsMortgage App w/cc debt (sigh)
dealpal Staff asked 3 years ago

There is a small possibility that we may run into a snag before our mortgage app.Smiley Sad  If it happens, I won’t be able to get AZEO with <30% utl before our mortgage app in 28 days.  Do you think either of these scenarios could still possibly get an approval and if so which would be the better option?



Scenario A:  8 total revolvers (7 with zero balance and 1 with 70%utl) total 24% UTL?


Scenario B:  8 total revolvers (6 with zero blance, 1 with 66%utl, 1 with 68%utl) total 30% UTL?


Other contributing factors: (At app)

Loan: Conventional

Middle mortgage score:  ME: 709  DH: 700

Income: 56000

Student Loan IBR: 0 (deferred)

Monthly obligations:  $ 1000 (which includes car note and min cc payments at app $ 120)

DH total UTL: 4% (2 balances both under 30%), 1 baddie $ 115 (only on one report & 5 years old)

ME:  2 baddies PIF in 2016 (They had the NERVE to update THIS MONTH showing closed in Feb) I didn’t want to dispute as I read it is bad to have disputes at the time of mortgage app


My heart tells me to still do the app so if nothing else we’d know where we stand.  My gut tells me I may get my feelings hurt with a disappointing denial.

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