Military Star card reporting inaccurate lates

QuestionsMilitary Star card reporting inaccurate lates
asked 4 years ago

Quite a few years back when we were new to credit, my husband and I charged up our Aafes / star card,. Couldn’t afford to pay it/forgot/got behind whatever. That’s neither here nor there. Aafes started to garnish my husband’s wages for the minimum through an involuntary allotment. We ended up paying probably close to 5k for 2k. We just avoided credit for almost 10 years because of this and one other credit card due to our mistakes and not wanting to get into debt again.

I didn’t know they were garnishing until it was almost paid off. In the last few months I decided we needed to take care of our credit ahead of time, if we want to be buying a house anytime in the near. I noticed on TransUnion, in the beginning of 2016 Star started to report a cycle of on time, 30 days late, 60 days late, on time, 30 and 60, over and over equalling 7 lates and plus another late in 2014. All of this while receiving a garnished payment each month on the same date. Experian reports the same.

Equifax is worse, it has all of those plus more, in the same cycle of on time, 30, 60, from 2011 to 2013. Totaling 22(!!!) late/missed payments. Then all on time for 3 years except the one in 2014. While again receiving payments each month. The allotment never stopped or changed.

I am positive this is impossible due to the involuntary monthly allotment, so completely inaccurate(and pretty messed up Smiley Sad ). So I am at a loss.

My question is how would we go about fixing something like this? This is one of his only bad things on his reports, aside from a paid in full charge off to a CU and 1 late payment on a car loan last year. So I’m fairly sure it’s pretty damaging to his score. Which is currently sitting around 640-650 fico.

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