Midland Funding Deleted From All 3 reports!!

QuestionsMidland Funding Deleted From All 3 reports!!
Corrine Fifield asked 5 years ago

Midland was not scheduled to be deleted until mid to late 2017. I don’t know if it’s because of the case ruiling but ALL of the Midland’s were deleted from my report on 10/2/15.  That was my last paid collection account. For the first time in my life I have super high credit scores, a nice mix of revolving credit accounts, and an approval on a personal loan. Life truly is easier with very good/excellent credit.


I just retired my 2 high interest rate cards (Capital One Secured – 24% APR and Merrick Bank – 22% APR) from my wallet. I’ve placed small reccuring payments on them like my gym membership and Netflix. But I won’t be using them regularly anymore. They will remain open as they are my oldest cards and I want the good history.  I will now use my new lower interest rate cards and remain in the garden until 2017 when I will apply for the SPG AMEX or another top level AMEX.


This forum has helped me so much!

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