Midland confuse me but I’m happy

QuestionsMidland confuse me but I’m happy
asked 4 years ago

Have this ever happen to anyone?  


I’ve been rebuilding my credit since last July with a score of 515 and with 12 collection.  I work so hard to get rid of all my collection dealing with CA and OC.  I were able to get 11 collection removed and leave me with 1 last collection which is Midland original from T-mobile.  Make long story short I paid off in full with midaland but they didnt settle for deletion.  So a few weeks ago I file a CFPB complaints agains Midland and T-mobile stating that the debt was paid in full and it was promise to removed from credit bureaus.  I then got a respond back from Midland stating all information and detail reported to Credit bureaus was correct and they wouldnt be able to remove/delete it.


Surprisely i got an alert from Experian that my score jump 21point and my collection was removed/deleted from my file.  But i didnt see Equifax or Transunion yet.


Have this ever happen to anyone? you think Midland really delete this or Experian did it? I didnt do any thing or dispute, I just simply file against them thru CFPB.


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