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QuestionsMidland and Credit One
asked 3 years ago

Guys….I am seriosuly up in arms…I have tried removing this paid collection off my credit reports and they wont budge.  I paid Midland which is Credit Ones collection agency $ 500 and change back in November.  No settleing…it was paid in full.  I have asked Credit One by e-mail as a good will to remove the TL off my reports.  I emailed the higher ups.  They said I dont qualify for a good will removal.  This is the only negative thing on my reports.  Credit one charge off and Midland paid in full collecton.  I hired Lex Law because I thought they might have some tricks up their sleeves.  I just told them to do the Full Spread Dispute/Intervention which Im sure is a fancy name for another type of letter they use.  Does anyone have any reccomendations or tricks to get this removed?   I have filed a couple disputes with all 3 CRA’s…online and written letters. They are being stubborn over a zero balance paid collection

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