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asked 4 years ago

Well after about a 15 year stint of being a idiot and ruining my credit, I finally started the process of cleaning up. Last year I got in a load for 25% on a 2009 CTS. It was my only choice and I paid the consquences of my own messup. Never missed a payment and now it was time to get out. I started off mid october in the mid 500s with about 10 baddies. I went out and hired a local credit repair company and I did do most of the work but they did all the manual disputing with letters, which for 89.00 a month, Im not going to argue. After first calling the collection or orginal debters I asked for pay for deletes. I was able to get 8 deleted and two remain but are showing paid. We are in the midst of hoping they will drop off the reports since they did on the others. Well the last baddie disappeared on monday and all my ficos are 595 and higher with my actual Eq which was worst went to 607. I should also note that I opened up 4 secured cards reporing 1500 total. My main goal is too get a new truck and I want to get a loan for about 30-40k. Well since I had always been scewing up bank accounts I was afraid to try a credit union. Well little did I know all my old accounts dropped off because it was longer then 5 years on chexsytems and today I just singed up with my local CU. Im going back in saturday too see what they can do for me on a loan. IM sure when I open up my business account there saturday and deposit 15K that will have to be some kind of brownie booster. Smiley Happy Its pretty crazy living this long knowing you would never have a credit card, loan that was good or chance getting anything because you had no credit. I know Im in the begining stages but it does feel good. I thank everyone for the help here and will always try and help the best I can. 

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