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asked 4 years ago

So I had a doctor’s appointment and I called them and they told me oh sure we take your insurance. Now a year later my insurance company is claiming that doctor is out of network and I owe like another $ 800. I have left several messages with the doctor’s office and they refuse to call me back. I am beyond pissed and now I got a letter in the mail from a collection agency saying I have to respond in thirty days otherwise they will consider the debt valid. A couple of questions: am I correct in assuming that the collection agency will not report the debt to my credit report until the thirty days is up? Also, if it does go on my credit report will it have a negative impact like lates etc since it is a medical payment? I am really ticked off about this doctor’s office and I am looking for ideas on how to proceed given they refuse to call me and my insurance company told me they will not cover it. 

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