Medical Debt, received response, now how to proceed?

QuestionsMedical Debt, received response, now how to proceed?
asked 3 years ago

I had gotten a collection letter from Gragil Associates about a month ago. I sent out a DV letter, asking them to provide me with multiple things, including any collection costs and medical costs, date the alleged debt became payable, date of original charge off or deliquency, and I requested a copy of my signature with the provider of service allowing them to release mine or my child’s medical information to them.


What I recieved today from them where three printouts from the hospital, showing the date my son went to the ER, the tests and procedures he had done, and the costs for each one. It shows grand total, then “insurance adjustment” written down in pen, and then a “grand total”. Thse reports list the date of service, and mine/my childs name, and nothing more. There is nothing about the date the debt was due, the date of deliquency or charge off, and nothing about my request to see a copy of my signature allowing the provider of service to release mine or my child’s medical information to them.


I do not know if I actually owe this debt. I plan on calling my INS company and asking for the EOB for those dates. This particular hospital changed hands about a year ago and has been pulling old debts out of there you know what that they never even billed people for and now all of these debts are going straight to collections. 


If I get the EOB and I do owe this, then I will pay it, but how do I proceed. This CA did not provide me with everything I requested, however, they are also not as of yet reporting to the CRA.


How should I proceed at this point? Thank you

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