Medical Collection Question

QuestionsMedical Collection Question
asked 4 years ago

I noticed a new collection pop up on my CK EQ report from 5/15/15. The collection was not there on any of the previous weeks reports, but it says reported since 2/15/15. Aside from that not really being true, I have never received a dunning notice…or any call or letter from this CA whatsoever as of Saturday’s mail. Are medical CAs different in that they do not need to send a letter within 5 days of reporting? I know that the OC has my correct address because as soon as I saw the CA I called OC and asked them if they would recall the account for PIF. They said yes but when I clarified that they would actually recall the account prior and not just update them with a paid status the rep told me it would be the latter. I have been holding off contacting CA for a PFD, waiting for them to send me something, but I havent received anything, not even a phone call. Just want to see if I have any negotiating help should they not be the easiest to work with once I contact them.



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