Medical Collection Isn’t Mine

QuestionsMedical Collection Isn’t Mine
asked 3 years ago

I have been working on cleaning up my report over the past few months. There is one medical collection owned by Bureau of Account Management for $ 78 that I am 100% positive is not mine. I called them, gave them my name and last four of my social and they wouldn’t release any information to me because I wasn’t the person listed on the account. I asked if they would remove the collection from my report since it apparently does not belong to me and they told me to contact the original creditor. I contacted the original creditor and they said they don’t have any delinquent accounts on file for me and referred me back to the CA.


What is my best course of action to get this resolved quickly? I live in PA and the debt is still within SOL, but I know that it is not mine so I am not worried about being sued if I poke the bear, so to speak.


Thanks for any advice!

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