Macys Co to Old to Pay?!

QuestionsMacys Co to Old to Pay?!
Velva Krouse asked 6 years ago

I’ve been calling around all week to try and settle or PIF my old macys card and I finallly got someone on the phone. They told me due to the age of my account I can no longer be sued for it and theyre unable to collect funds or set up a payment plan or anything and that i can voluntarily mail a payment in. -_- Idk what to do.


The balance is only 349.00 and its affecting my utilization along w/FP. I only have one open line of credit that I’m maintaining (open sky) but it’s not high enough to combat the utilization of those two cards.


please assist, should I try my luck and mail a payment and hope they receive it or try and do some type of dispute. Also Macy’s no longer owns the account citibank does but macys reports on my CRs

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