LVNV PFD – which Company to send it to?

QuestionsLVNV PFD – which Company to send it to?
asked 4 years ago

I am getting ready to email a PFD for a collection that shows on my report with LVNV Funding in SC. It is from a credit one charge off from 2014. I have not received any correspondence regarding it in over a year but I have a bunch of old settlement letters from LVNV, Resurgent, a law firm, JC something or other. I believe LVNV is owned by Sherman, and Resurgent ties in somewhere but I am so confused by the hierarchy. My question, which company will I have the best chance for success with in sending my PFD to an executive? I am good at digging up exec email addresses online, I just don’t know which company to look for. Go straight to the top with Sherman? Resurgent? If anyone can share their experiences with these companies, I would greatly appreciate it!

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