Lost 10yr old Chase Credit card

QuestionsLost 10yr old Chase Credit card
Felipa Means asked 5 years ago

I can’t seem to find a chase credit card that I’ve had for 10+ years with a perfect payment history. Aside from this everything in my credit is under 3 yrs old. I work in RE and have 10 different residential loans that I am looking to refinance in the near future so am incredibly sensitive to drops in credit scores.


The card has been lost about 3 months and has not been used in that time. I just moved and think it may be somewhere in a box, but finding it isn’t realistic. My worry is that if I report it lost I run the risk that how it shows up on my credit may close the 10+ yr account and open a new one. Plunging the avg age of my account and oldest account. The alternative is keep it in its current state unused, but I am worried that at some point with zero activity chase may close the account.


Does anyone have any experience with this. I am very much okay with keeping the status quo as long as I dont run the risk of chase canceling the card for inactivity. 

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