Looking for advice AMEX CLI – should I ?

QuestionsLooking for advice AMEX CLI – should I ?
Shoshana Chan asked 4 years ago

Afternoon All

Looking for some advice as to whether I should try for AMEX CLI now or wait a little longer.

I worked hard over the last 3 yrs to bring my scores from the mid 500s for each of the big 3 to EXP 721  TU 723  Efax 703

Baddies on EXP are: Closed CC limit 10k current owed 3.9k – 2 lates on it from 2012

                                  1 medical collection from 1.5 yrs ago

AAoC = 9yrs


The last time AMEX appears to have SP my file ( jan 16)  the same baddies and score of 716

My CL on AMEX everday crd is $ 500


Cr util on EXP is sort of confusing in one area it says 39% and in another area it says 10%.  I do have a citi world that has a CL of $ 500 as well.  Each billing cycle I try to have both around $ 50-$ 75 balance.


By the end of this month I plan on bringing the closed CC from 3.9k down to 2.9k which will show my utilization at about 29% or less.

I use my AMEX pretty much for everything I can to try and accumulate points but pay several 100s on it per week.  Enough so that I’m close to using 2k every month and I’ve been doing this for the last 6 months or so.


So my questions are should I ask for a CLI now?  Should I do 2x or 3x my current limit?  Is denied how long would I have to wait to try again?

Thanks all.  Love this forum

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