Long time reader, first time poster about PFD and DV

QuestionsLong time reader, first time poster about PFD and DV
Janis Vernon asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone, first off thank you all for opening my eyes to this, as I am now looking to start taking back control of my credit. Upon lookintg at my credit reports I saw an outstanding balanace in collections of $ 600. I called to question what this medical bill was from and they told me a date and hospital. I called said hostpital and they have no record of me being there and the collection agency said “well, its from a group of physicians..” I asked them to send me debt validation and they told me “we sent that back in June and we cannot and will not send it again, the debt is valid because its under your name and social”… which seems strange to me. I asked about PFD and they sent me a PFD via EMail on their letterhead offering a PFD in the amount of $ 390 and they would contact all credit bureaus to delete teh referenced account. However, I am not willing to pay that much for an account I cant get information on; especially since I did not live in the state at the time. What course of action should I be taking?

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