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asked 2 years ago

I started using Lexington law about 6 moths ago. While they have removed about 8 items from my reports i have a few concerns. I didn’t really have a ton to be removed like some people i read about so i figured it would be worth a shot. i had 5 items in collection for things such as old cable bills and cell phones from when i was back in college. i also had two charge offs. one from a truck i totaled and another from one i let go back. the charge offs had already stopped reporting a few years ago and now they are both back to reporting every month, its legal for them to do that i know. The collection accounts they have removed has left me with 2 in collection on each report. one of my concerns is that one company they had removed (an account for dish network) has now re appeared under a new collection name. is it a waste of time to have these removed if they just keep coming back up? the other concern is my score is not improving, actually its getting worse. when i started all my scores was in the 620-645 range and they have fell to 585-625. I have 3 cc that are a year old that i have never missed a payment or been late and a truck payment that is 2.5 years old with no missed or late payments. basically im getting really discouraged on this rebuilding my credit. total of all accounts in collection when i started was less than $ 2500 and im starting to think i would have been better to try and settle with these companies (something Lexington law talked me out of). Should i keep going with these people or what? i am very new to this whole credit rebuilding stuff. Thanks in advance  Btw these sores i listed are Fico scores. 

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