Let non-authorized user use card?

QuestionsLet non-authorized user use card?
asked 4 years ago

My wife is going on a business trip and will spend $ 3000 at a hotel, which she will then expense.


I have a Citi Prestige which gets 3 TYP / $ spent on hotels. Unfortunately, she is not an authorized user and she leaves tomorrow, so there is no time to make her one.


Can I authorize her to use the card without being an AU? What’s the likelihood that the hotel will decline the card since it carries my name (we do not share a last name)? Do you think she’ll have trouble  expensing it if it isn’t her name on the credit card receipt? Would it help or hurt were I to give her a power of attorney?


Are there other risks or moral quandries I should consider? I am sure Citi would object based on their terms and conditions, but they will be crying all the way to the bank…


The more I think about it, it seems like a bad idea. Should I just have her use the CSP where she is an authorized user?


Edit: I read the Citi agreement and it states:


— “authorized user” means any person you allow to use your account.

Authorized Users. You may request additional cards for authorized users. You must pay us for all charges made by authorized users. You must pay us even if you did not intend to be responsible for those charges. You must notify us to withdraw any permission you give to an authorized user to use your account.

We may cancel an authorized user’s right to use your account at any time. We may do this for any reason; without prior notice to you; and without prior notice to the authorized user. You also may cancel an authorized user’s right to use your account at any time. To do this, you must notify us in writing of the cancellation. After a cancellation, you must promptly retrieve any credit cards, balance transfer checks, or cash convenience checks given to the authorized user. You must promptly destroy all unless we tell you otherwise. You must do these things whether the cancellation was begun by us or you. When you begin the cancellation, you must also inform the authorized user of the cancellation. You must tell the authorized user to stop using the card and your account immediately. If an authorized user brings a claim of wrongful cancellation against us because of a cancellation begun by you, the claim is your responsibility. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us and our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates from any losses, damages or other liability arising from the claim.




This makes it sound as though the fee is only for the additional card and simply my “allowing any person to use my account” makes them a de facto authorized user. I can’t find anything in the agreement that says she may not use my card with my authorization.


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