Last two collections

QuestionsLast two collections
asked 3 years ago

Hi, I have two remaining collections and want to know any tips or experiences that would help remove these. As a bonus round, I have a bunch of student loan trade lines with lates.


Paid collection, Solomon, scheduled to fall off in 2019

Any luck with goodwill letters to these guys? I had to pay quickly when I got my last place just to get the electric on. Original creditor is RG&E. I think the DoFD they have is off but am not 100% sure.


Unpaid collection for $ 250, Transworld, one year left, original creditor is National Grid

These guys just bought this super old debt and are now pounding me with monthly updates, dropped my scores around 20 pts! I can easily afford to PFD with this, which is the only way they will ever see a dime from me. As an aside, this utility didn’t make me pay to get my utility on, but they do know about the debt. That also makes me wonder if I can call NatGrid to get the collection off my back. It is not even like Transwolr sent me a letter or anything. I shouldn’t mess with NatGrid though, I have them as a provider right now.


As a bonus, when these are gone, I am thinking of sending goodwill letters on my student loan debts. I had a mental health crisis at the time I was meant to start paying them, and then they were traded around so, so much. I don’t have high hopes. But I am and have been paying on these loans a few years now. The last late is due for removal in summer 2019.


My rebuild started early 2015 and I have been squeaky clean since 2013. At the time of these debts, I had no job and was suicidal. I’m now making really good money and have my life mostly in order. Not saying this like it makes a difference with my report, just tooting my own horn. Removing these would really kind of feel like closure on my past mistakes.


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