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asked 3 years ago

I told myself that in May, I’d set up camp in the garden for a year or two. Let inquiries fall off, let accounts age, maybe work some magic on leftover baddies. But it’s still April 30, so on last app spree to send me off.

-Cap 1 Power Buy card- APRVD $ 300 (My first WEMC so no complaints here)
-Victoria Secret- APRVD $ 500 (SCT)
-Wayfair- APRVD $ 500 (SCT)

That’s it for me. I’ll be good now, but I have to admit seeing an approval screen is intoxicating. I’m on my best behavior now.
After a year of rebuilding took my scores from 460s to low 600s, and lenders are finally letting me join the club. Long way to go, but wanted to share. A lot of my rebuilding success is thanks to the awesome people of this forum. So thank you all of you.

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