Last baddies 2 paid CO’s HELP!

QuestionsLast baddies 2 paid CO’s HELP!
asked 2 years ago

The last 2 baddies on my reports are 2 paid charge offs. First Premier Bank and Verizon. I need these off!

I have written an email to FPB’s President. They responded and asked for my current address. That was two weeks ago. As of the 17th they put a dispute on the reporting. They were reporting incorrectly sense I paid them last June, and reporting differently across all 3 beaurus. I asked them to cease all negative reporting and remove the TL.

Verizon was paid in February and still reported late last month and with a balance. I started a dispute with them as well through the beaurus.

What can I do from here? If they come back verified do I have another option? Thanks in advance

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