Last baddie finally fell off!!!

QuestionsLast baddie finally fell off!!!
Marti Jaime asked 6 years ago

Experian jumped 112 points to 778, that’s what I’m talking about!!! Now just waiting for TU and EQ to update. Thanks to everyone on here for the help over the last year or so.
Funny commercial from

phillies4100 replied 6 years ago

I remember this during the NASCAR Xfinity (Formerly Busch/Nationwide
series) races

Vladimir Kalashnikov replied 6 years ago

Wow! 2007?! This is from 2007?! I didn’t know this was THAT old.

Avery Jett-Folk replied 6 years ago

I remember this, This was the best commercial I ever saw

Gabriel Collier replied 6 years ago

At 0:12 Chowder And Iced Tea

grifftoons replied 6 years ago

This brings back so many memories 

JackMasterAndrew replied 6 years ago

This was the shit back then

randy martinez replied 6 years ago

Hee haw

randy martinez replied 6 years ago

Hee haw

nicholai40 replied 6 years ago

Awesome song!

Chuloloc replied 6 years ago

Awesome. Best of the old Free Credit Report commercials.

michelle looperz replied 6 years ago

Haha this jingle is so catchy that me and my friends in Hs learned the
jingle and we still remember it to this day!! 

koolmazin replied 6 years ago

I wish this commercial would air again! I remember seeing this while
watchinh Family Guy in 2008 this was so funny and catchy

bubbasouth69 replied 6 years ago

Having been a victim of identity theft, I know a negative listing on a
credit report won’t keep you from getting most jobs. Besides, if you call &
dispute the charges the thieves make, the negative information doesn’t even
get reported. At least this was my experience.

Vernonu9 replied 6 years ago

This commercial reminds me of when I was on vacation last yr. Down in
Cocoa Beach FL, there was this seafood restaurant that was delicious. I
think it was called Florida Seafood or something simple like that – best
seafood everrrrrr! 

Qwyatt Storm replied 6 years ago

I bet all those Target customers wish they had FREE CREDIT REPORT.COM Then
they would have seen it coming it coming at them like an atom bomb.

mwa10101 replied 6 years ago

They started bill me $24.95 I did not order it as I was using a credit
correction agency Lexington law firm. When I canceled them I started get
there bill. No one else had my new credit card info so it had to be them.
After 6 months of complaint they sent me a email I was past my 7 day free
time frame and have to pay for it. I was unable to call as I was sick out
of the country. Yes I was past the 7’days from the time they stole my info
lost over $150 plus overdrew my account. I got nothing for it NOTHING why
earn money when you can steal it…

ftjax replied 6 years ago

No one is stupid to have a “band” like this. Something dreamed up by
advertisers. ANNOYING ! I’m glad they took it off the air…..

Rmeshgi replied 6 years ago

Woooo they’re back!!!!!!!!!!!

malakaijub replied 6 years ago

apparently the negativity for the new band was so overwhelming, that
freecreditreport damn near begged the old band to come back

Shadowking58 replied 6 years ago

i remember seeing this commerical every day back in 2007, man i miss this
band, the new band SUCKS!

kassieenicolee13 replied 6 years ago

hahah funny!

Maxwell Casap replied 6 years ago

didn’t you hear? the old band is back.

Alysydbroke Ray replied 6 years ago

Say iPhone 5 times post this on 2 videos then Loki

Logan Brown replied 6 years ago

I really miss this band

Erik Nelson replied 6 years ago

I always assumed that the old couple in the background were the hackers.

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