Largest sign-up bonus (w/ no AF) $500 – $2,000 spend? – Alliant, Barclay, TD Ameritrade, etc..

QuestionsLargest sign-up bonus (w/ no AF) $500 – $2,000 spend? – Alliant, Barclay, TD Ameritrade, etc..
asked 4 years ago

I plan to put about $ 2,000 worth of spend on my credit cards over the next 30 – 60 days. So I want to sign up for a new credit card with the best possible bonus currently available.


Some background on me.


I have a 780 FICO score. Never had any delinquencies. I have about 10 credit card lines open over 9 years with 2 credit card openings within the last year. I have never been declined for any kind of credit, except for Capital One (still have no idea why). I have a positive personal loan and car loan on my history. I have never had a home loan before.


So I am looking at my options right now. I just missed the deadline for the Alliant Credit Union 30,000 offer because it expired on June 30. I feel stupid because I do a lot of my banking with them and it would have been great to get the 30,000 offer. But it’s too late and they won’t honor it.


So these are the three credit card options I’m considering.. feel free to suggest any that I might have missed..


1. for 10,000 reward points after $ 500 spend.. again I have a banking account with them so it would make sense


2. $ 200 after $ 1,500 spend with TD Ameritrade.. I’ve had an account with them for years.. though the account has had 0 balance in it.


3. waiting for the new Barclay Arrival card announcement in the next day or two


My biggest fear is being declined for a card. Because I was once declined for a Capital One card a few years ago.. even though I had excellent credit.. so it makes me nervous to apply for new cards.


Which of the above cards do you think might be easiest to get? What is your experience with any of these cards? Can you suggest another card with a high sign up bonus right now? I’d like either statement credit, cash back, or miles. It needs to have NO ANNUAL FEE. I don’t want an annual fee card because I always have canceled these and I wish to continue building credit.


I have never done a “app-o-rama” before.. in fact even I have read a lot about it but it still scares me. But do you think I should try my first app-o-rama with the above three cards? I figure maybe I could get 3 for the price of one, especially since I plan to spend about $ 2,000 – $ 3,000 on my cards over the next few months.


Thanks so much! I’ve been reading a lot over several years but still a newbie. Thanks for an input and advice and thank you for reading my long post. 

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