Large charge which card is best?

QuestionsLarge charge which card is best?
asked 3 years ago

Ok .. need to pay a car repair bill in excess of 3k .. insurance sent me a check so I deposited in my account, I will pay the body shop with a credit card. Which will give me most bang for my buck? Discover? I’m still in my first year double cash back 8k CL on that one .. CSP? Love the UR rewards no 0% but will pay it right back down to no balance … only 5k CL though. Maybe my Amex ED? 15k limit but rewards seem to be chincy …or my Barclays 1.5% cash forward. .15k CL and have been neglecting it lately? Lastly my fairly new Fidelity Visa with 2% cash back … this one has a 9k CL … ok ..let me here it my fico experts!! Thank u!!

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