Just PC my QS to VentureOne

QuestionsJust PC my QS to VentureOne
asked 4 years ago

Decided to bug the chat people about an APR reduction. They didn’t budge but offered an upgrade from my Quicksilver to VentureOne. Was like what the hell and decided to take it. Plan on PCing my TYP to DC in a few months anyways so I won’t be losing out on any cashback and an AirMiles card is nice to add to my portfolio I guess :smileyvery-happy:.


Worth it??

5 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs!

carthwolf replied 4 years ago

Most Major credit cards have Zero Liability for purchases. 

TheGrayandrew replied 4 years ago

Nothing wrong in being lazy, I always save receipts!

kkok96 replied 4 years ago

This is why I plan to never pay for anything dirctly with a credit card
(when I get one in the future), I rather just take the money out as cash.
The only card I would use to dircetly pay for anything, exspecially online,
is a debit card. 

Black Gold replied 4 years ago

I always keep my Receipts along with my Credit card in my safe when I don’t
need to use it. after all. Cash is King.

Asuka Pickett replied 4 years ago

I’m 15 and I keep my reciepts.

Malevolant Guise replied 4 years ago

um.. how the hell can u get a credit card “Must have credit to get a credit
card” I HAVE NO CREDIT I’m 18, non-student, full time job. Applied for
Discovery beginners card and was denied? I make 1.5k per month n after
rent,insurence,groceries ect. I have 750$ in savings left..so wtf?

SomeOneFromOFS replied 4 years ago

In my experience, my buying behavior has not changed one bit when I got a
credit card.

I just log into my bank account every couple days and make sure that
whatever I bought with the card is immediately paid for. 

Susan Miller replied 4 years ago


MortgageSmurf replied 4 years ago

Most people should get credit cards as long as they can remember that it’s
REAL MONEY and if you carrying balances you are wasting money on interest.
Pay them off EVERY MONTH and build a credit history that’s worth having. A
great credit score will save you money over the course of your life and
make many opportunities available to you.

Sam Arman replied 4 years ago

That girl from TYT seriously looks like she could be a pornstar lol

Roger Smith replied 4 years ago

and what are their credentials to give financial advice?

Psalms 137-9 replied 4 years ago

Don’t Get Credit Cards.

Lewis Jenkins replied 4 years ago

Lol I’m 23 and in collage, (Yale) but I’m English and earn 6k per month!!!

nuster rab replied 4 years ago

Didnt learn shit

Q*bert replied 4 years ago

she starts off by saying; save your receipts that way you can prove you
DIDN’T buy something.look CC co’.see,no receipt for that one so clearly
it’s not mine! LMAO! she clearly didn’t think that one through.:D 

iyamthecoltraneman replied 4 years ago

I currently have a 1000 as my credit limit on one card and 500 on the other
one I have and that I recently got. I’ve had credit since early September
and have had no problems keeping within my limit and keeping my utilization
low. Very easy way to have your credit score go up. I did make mistakes
having too many inquiries on my record though but I read that the longer
the credit history, the less the inquiries actually matter.

rzorNvme replied 4 years ago

What is this bull

Champ Kitty replied 4 years ago

I wanna play minecraft but i have to get a code or ask my parent to put the
credit card thing

Thomas Slee replied 4 years ago

I use a receipt spike like they use in restaurants. It is very useful
because it takes up little space and looks (kind of) nice on my desk. Would

OakenheelsGallery replied 4 years ago

My current plan is to only use the credit card for online stuff, and for
emergencies that I absolutely have to pay and don’t have the money for,
being the first thing I pay back. So basically only when I have to.

rocktohell replied 4 years ago

“sorry to advice people to be responsible!”
LOL, That’s the only solution.

Frederick Forders replied 4 years ago

I cancelled my cards WITHOUT paying back any money they think i owe
them……yes there are ways to do this….its not that easy though.

duckey003 replied 4 years ago

My limit is 500 and I want to keep it that way

Raquel AN replied 4 years ago

I don’t trust Credit card, only Debit.

NewYorkCityUSA7 replied 4 years ago

That bill will be signed by Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy.

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