Just paid 2 collection in Full…,Expectations?

QuestionsJust paid 2 collection in Full…,Expectations?
asked 6 years ago

I just paid two collections in full. The last of any collections i have. Can i expect my score to increase and if so how much?

Any input will be helpful. Last of my collections Uti is at 11% credit cards and scores are listed below.


Starting Scores: EQ/591 TU/592 EX/612 Date:May 15,2015
Current Scores: EQ/610 TU/618 EX/642 Date:June 4,2015
Utilization: 11% Date:June 4,2015

Goal Score Across the Board:

NFCU (10,000) USAA (800) CAP ONE (500) Macy’s(600)

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