Just learned something new (gas – cashback)

QuestionsJust learned something new (gas – cashback)
asked 3 years ago

I’ve always driven to Costco to refill my gas tank because it was always cheaper by a couple cents. I somehow always thought this was a big difference. 


So this time, I drove past my Chevron to see how much it costs. I would’ve used Discover (effectively) 20% cash back from Apple pay. 

Then I went to costco where I would’ve used my TrueEarnings at 3%. 



And…this is what I realized. The differnece is so small…! $ 4.44 extra just for using Discover. 


It’s an ephiphany for me because I thought the couple cents in difference would make a BIG difference. I know it sounds stupid, but maybe some people thought this too Smiley Tongue 


Edit: Just added QS for extra info. 

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