Just approved for BoA BBR card with $10k SL!

QuestionsJust approved for BoA BBR card with $10k SL!
asked 4 years ago

Hi, I remember reading multiple recent forum posts where posters were mentioning that BoA might be discontinuing or otherwise no longer offering the BBR MC, so I figured as long as my FICO credit scores were in or around the early-700’s, why not try to get in while the BBR is still able to app for.  I figured I had nothing to lose, and took the plunge and applied — came back as instant approval, with a $ 10k SL!  Smiley Happy  This is also now my highest-CL card (previous-highest CL was my BoA Cash Rewards WMC at $ 9.1k).  Card APR TBA, but the built-in BBR quarterly statement credit rewards are incentive enough for me to want the card very much, regardless of the go-to APR. 


In light of this success, I was also thinking about reapplying for the Cap1 Buy Power WEMC, but since I’ve already apped twice for it in the past 1-2 years and been denied both times, I most likely will prolly be pushing my luck by applying again for it.  Plus since Cap1 pulls all 3 CRAs, I think I’ll stick with the new BBR for now  Smiley Happy

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