Judgment Mysteriously Satisfied

QuestionsJudgment Mysteriously Satisfied
asked 4 years ago

I’ve been helping my boyfriend improve his credit. He had a $ 20,000 judgment with Capital One. They first filed in 2010 and he was ordered to pay by garnishment in 2012. As of last month he had about $ 13,000 left. We devised a plan to settle the rest with a possible agreement to vacate the judgment. Doubt they would with it being old and valid. He never contacted them about the plan. He called today to make a payment and they said good news, we sent the court documents saying you satisfied the debt. They knew he did not. In fact just the month before when he called they asked him if he could make larger payments.


I NEVER heard of a creditor giving up on collection efforts on a judgment when they received money every month. Could this have something to do with the change in fiscal year? I went online and checked the court record and sure enough, satisfied as of 9/30/2015. My other question would then be do any of you know of a way to get the judgment vacated. Again I doubt it. They took away they only leverage he had of offering a large settlement. 

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