Is this considered RE-AGING DEBT

QuestionsIs this considered RE-AGING DEBT
asked 3 years ago

Hi All,


So, in the last few months I worked diligently to clean up my reports. I’ve paid some and disputed which resulted in removals. 


The issue I have now, I have one medical collection account left that had a Date of first delinquency of 08/2010. I called Equifax 07/01/2017 to ask for an early exclusion for an obsolete debt. The supervisor agreed and removed the debt. 


On 08/15/17 – the collection reappeared but with a date of first delinquency of 08/2011. So I’m assuming the collection agency saw it and reported the debt again with a different date which added another year. Along with CA reporting the wrong date they also reported an address that doesn’t belong to me. 


So being that I’m furious about it, I disputed the debt by calling Equifax hoping to be removed instantly but that didn’t work. Just a standard dispute 30 days for a result. 


What other options do I have to make sure that the Date of First Delinquency is reported correctly or be removed?


I have my old credit reports that shows the original date, I also have dispute results summaries from previous disputes. 


Thanks for the help guys!


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