Is this an irrational fear? if not how do I prevent it?

QuestionsIs this an irrational fear? if not how do I prevent it?
asked 3 years ago

So I am trying to fix my husbands credit (mostly medical debt) and I am working on debt newest to oldest. We just got a medical debt for $ 144 that we would like to PFD. But this CA owns at least 5 more of his medical collections. I know that CA’s can be shady . has anyone ever had the collection agency take money that was supposed to delete one medical that is new and use it for an older medical and apply is as a payment? or is this an irrational fear of mine? Most of the other medical debt is out of SOL and will be falling off his credit report by July of 2016 so they are not my priority. We plan on paying them when we have an abundance of extra money. They own a 10,000 medical bill that is set to fall off in April 2016 and i am afraid they will not PFD the new $ 144 but instead try and apply it as a payment on the big one and then reset our SOL Smiley Sad What can be done to prevent this from being  a possibility? The collection agency is CBC if that makes a difference


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