is this a bad plan? trying to “refi” a car loan

Questionsis this a bad plan? trying to “refi” a car loan
asked 3 years ago

I’m wanting to fix my credit as I’m getting married and want to buy a home in the near future (2 years is my goal, and the family property is …. 420k) 


I currently have some things in collections and a very bad car loan 29.99% 


I’m thinking about trying to get a personal loan from a bank with a co signer to pay down or pay off the car loan so i can sell the car buy something cheaper and pay down / off old debt to make it current….


I have a truck I own free and clear but using that to secure a loan is unlikely as it has a branded title and is an older truck 1999…. 


(the truck is not a daily driver due to cost of use 8mpg)


any suggestions… 


I’m trying to avoid CCs until i can get a decent one 


also two of my bad debts are capital one and credit one….

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