Is it time to Refi/Buy??

QuestionsIs it time to Refi/Buy??
asked 3 years ago

My 2 year old payment finally aged to 2 years, and while i don’t think it was much of a bump to fico8(around 5-12 points) my other version scores jumped big time. ex: fico5 jumped from 649 to 577. 


I know DCU pulls fico 5 and i would qualify for their “good” tier with that score, good for 2.74. Ill either be refinancing my car or purchasing a new car soon(technically ready today). The thing is, i have about 12 inq about to age to a year at the end of feb, currently my utilization is at 2%. 

Should i wait until my inquiries are all aged off, hoping that it could shoot me up into the next tier? My utilization definitely won’t be 2% again for a bit, under 15% for sure, but 2% is far away from 15…


Basically, do you think my scores optimized with a 12% uti and 2 inquiries, all over 6 months. Or 2% and 14 inquiries. i know no one can FOR SURE answer this, just looking for guesses. 


Also, anyone had any idea if penfed would even look at me? 

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