IRS lien finally withdrawn hoping for a score bump

QuestionsIRS lien finally withdrawn hoping for a score bump
asked 4 years ago

The last reminant from our 2009 forclosure was a 2010 IRS lien that we incurred  because we owed 34k which was over the then 25k limit for installment agreements without a lien.  Basically we did all we could to try to hold on to our house which resulted in us to running up an IRS debt.  Fortunately the Obama administration made some policy changes allowing a paid lien that had been released to then be withdrawn.  Of course you have to dig to find this information so I thought I would post enough to get anyone in this situation pointed in the right direction.  We payed off our Lien late May of 2016 and then I filed the IRS form 12277 but did not use the correct terminolgy to get the lien withdrawn and didn’t mail it to the right location so after months they sent me a letter saying it is released, duh.  After visting the I learned the exact terminology to use for this form and filed it on February 28th, I called the IRS lien unit and the lady gave me the fax number which assured me that it made it to the right place and the creditguy gave me the correct language so I suggest checking there for that information.  On the form I included the names and addresses of all three credit agencies because the IRS is required to inform them if you provide the information.  How reliabily they do this is an open question, some report that they did it for them and some had to provide dispute and provide a copy of the lien withdrawal document from the IRS 10916A.  My first indication that my lien had been released was last week through of all places Credit Karma, it showed a huge bump (46 points) in my Transunion score and when I looked at the credit factors it showed no public records or collections!!  So far I haven’t seen a bump in my TU score here.  The other Exp and EQ still show the lien so I have filed disputes with them but the experian system for attaching documents sucks so I have to mail in a ton of stuff to satisfy them.  Anyway I am so happy that soon I will never see the public record statement listed in my credit factors statements when I get or am denied credit. I am still holding out hope for a FICO bump but since the lien is so old and has been released for almost a year I may not get one.  Nonetheless I never want to have a lien again, they are a terrible pain in the rear and embarrasing.

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