Interesting data points for Amex, discover and target MC

QuestionsInteresting data points for Amex, discover and target MC
asked 3 years ago

Hey myFICOers,

Some interesting data points for some people. Helping a friend build their credit. They started with only student loans and one authorized user account for chase. In the last year they were approved for target for 500, chase freedom 2000,Amex bce 1800, and discover for 1800. He has no Lates and no negtives. Once he opened his freedom target bumped his cli to 1000. At 64 days he tried with Amex but denied the 3x CLI and with discover also denied. All due to income, he is young and just 21 so only makes 21k a year while in school. A month after the denials for CLI Amex bumped his CLI to 3k and discover two weeks later bumped it to 4K. Chase still no activity. But interesting Auto CLI. Gives hope for denials for those cards.

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