Input on mortgage application

QuestionsInput on mortgage application
asked 3 years ago

Thanks for any advice from the forum:

My FICO mortgage scores are TU 666 EQ 674 EX 634

I have 30k for downpayment on 289k home, good DTI, 14 years employed in same industry, and this is with about 75% utilization on cc. I will pay down to less than 10% before pplication, so should be 20 pts more, maybe? But in 2014, I had a series of late payments: 2-90 day lates, 1 60 day late and a few 30 day lates. I had a severe infection and very nearly died, so everything just got put on hold. I will have almost 3 years perfect record of payment when I apply in May 2017 – will LOE be enough to qualify? Thanks for any insight

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