Inaccurate derogs; unsuccessful disputes; ignored cfpb complaints; no MoV compliance – what now?

QuestionsInaccurate derogs; unsuccessful disputes; ignored cfpb complaints; no MoV compliance – what now?
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Paid off 4 student loans in 2/2016 that were in a defaulted status. At this time, they were on my account with a history of about 5 years of on-time payments, and then roughly a year of lates. 


At that time, I noticed that the delinquincy listed was incorrect, and stated I became deliquent when I was still in school and also while I would have been in grace period. I disputed the history, and the entirety of the tradelines were deleted. A few days later, they were inserted as ‘collection’ trades with the balance listed as past due instead of paid, and incorrect ‘dofd’s by an entire year later than the default, and instead of 4, there were 9. I have disputed these at least 10 times. The only change that has happened was in the first dispute, they were changed to have 0 balance due.


I have contacted the department of education and they have directed me to Equifax to fix it, claiming they only list 4 accounts with the correct dofd in 2011 and are not at fault for the erroneous information on my report.


I wrote the MoV/609 letter demanding the verified, valid proof and method used to verify, and each time, they open a new dispute and close it with ‘verified the items belong to you’.


I filed a cfpb complaint and Equifax responded with the following:


Explanation of closure

Equifax has reviewed the complaint and its records. Please note that you did not list any specific items in which you are disputing.  In order to properly address your concerns and assist you, please provide specific details by listing the complete account number, account name and the nature of the dispute. A copy of your Equifax Credit File has been sent for your review. Please allow 7/10 business days for delivery. If you should have any additional questions or concerns in regards to your Equifax Credit Report, please contact us directly at (866)222-5901.


I listed the accounts, the issues with them, all of the events over the last 15 months, and attached the proof they were incorrect, and copies of the tradelines in question.


I am at my wit’s end. My credit score now is fine for getting my mortgage, but I am sick of staring at these inaccurate tradelines and even if the change would be slight, it’s the principle. Also, them hanging out for an extra year is equally as obnoxious.


What the heck do I do now?

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