In Contract! Need advice about my 2014 taxes

QuestionsIn Contract! Need advice about my 2014 taxes
Trey Mulligan asked 5 years ago

I am currently in contract on a house and have discovered that most lenders will need to verify with the IRS about tax returns. Lender has not called for income verification yet.  My wife and I filed 2014 returns that were rejected by E-file (simply lazy on our part not to fix the problem then). I was able to print our 2014 1040s and submit them to my lender along with w-2s. However when/if the lender checks transcripts it will come back as no return filed. This is an FHA loan.  Should I mail in my returns now? Take them to local IRS for them to be stamped? Call my mortgage broker and see what he thinks? I feel like I have just screwed up the whole situation and may not get the house or be able to close. Any advice or experience is appreciated!

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