identity theft: i need your input

Questionsidentity theft: i need your input
Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 5 years ago

it all started here..



in addition to the original usaa visa,  i have learned that a 2nd card was opened up in my name with usaa amex. 


since all this started i have fraud alerts and all 3 bureaus on ice and filled out and faxed dispute forms to usaa fraud dept. as well as equifax.


i have contacted usaa many many times updating all the info i have and trying to find out how this happened and who did it.  they wont give up any info included in the applications for credit.



now the wierd part.  i got a letter from usaa informing me there is a conflict of address with the application address and my address listed on my credit reports.  the address used is my parents address, my address of 20yrs ago. 


both cards arrived at my parents house.  1 on saturday and 1 yesterday.



now, if you can help me with any input you can think of with the following questions…



why would an identity thief steal my info, only to have the cards sent to my parents address? 

why wont usaa help me in identifying who did this by letting me know what other info was used in the app process?

now that i have EX, EQ &TU on ice, does that in any way stop my creditors from servicing my accounts such as CLI reviews?

i contacted amex, they tell me no other cards are opened in my name other than my 3 known accounts.  is the fraudulent usaa card from amex serviced by usaa or amex?

is there anything else i can do to prevent anything further from happening?

does a freeze prevent inquiries from showing up?  i assume everything is auto denied immediately without a hp?

can the fraudulent inquires be removed?  ive disputed it with equifax twice online and over the phone, only for them to say its facutal and will remain, even though i tell them its id theft.


sorry if  i ramble on a bit, this is very frustrating.  in an effort to rule out any family members i asked the security rep from usaa to aknowledge if any of the numbers i gave were included in the application.  they were not, so hopefully this isnt family related.



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